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Maintenance skills of rotary evaporator


1. Check the instrument carefully before use,whether there is any damage to the glass bottle, the interfaces are consistent or not, handle with care.

2. Wipe interfaces with a soft cloth (napkin instead), then apply a little vacuum grease. The vacuum grease must be covered after use to prevent the ash sand from entering.

3. Do not screw the interfaces too tightly, Loosen the interfaces regularly to avoid long - term locking leading to connector bite death.

4. Turn on the power switch first, then make the machine run from slow to fast. Stop the machine before turning off the switch.

5. PTFE switches cannot be tightened too much, which is easy to damage the glass.

6. After each use, must use a soft cloth to clean the various oil stains, stains, solvents left on the surface of the machine to keep clean.

7. Unscrew the PTFE switch after stopping. Long-term static under operation condition will deform the PTFE piston.

8. Clean the seal ring regularly. The method is: remove the seal ring, check if there is any dirt on the shaft and wipe with a soft cloth, then apply a little vacuum grease and reinstall it. So, the shaft and seal ring will keep smooth.

9. The electrical part must not be filled with water or affected with damp.

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