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[Pump News Asia] circulating water pump step-by-step _ circulating Water Vacuum Pump is one of the many common pump, the purchase must be familiar with the user manual to prevent damage caused by improper operation of the pump body. If you forget some steps, can not find the manual, then quickly collect this article, a careful study! Circulating water Vacuum Pump _ Circulating water vacuum pump steps Circulating water vacuum pump steps: 1. Before using circulating water vacuum pump, Should read the product manual carefully, check the shipping quality after unpacking. 2. The first time you use, you should first open the lid of the box to see the box of water is enough, if not enough water, should be poured into the cool cool water, when the water level is about to rise to the height of the water tank behind the overflow stop water repeats Boot, no longer add water, but the longest time can not exceed one week, to avoid water pollution. 3. Vacuum working: Connect the suction hose that needs vacuum equipment to the air suction nozzle, check whether the connection is firm, check whether the circulating water switch on the back of the vacuum pump is closed, put the switch in the closed position, turn on the power, and turn on the switch Vacuum can be carried out. 4. Vacuum pump in use, should pay attention to observe the vacuum dial, if not normal, you should immediately stop using it. 5. Note that when the machine long hours of work, the water temperature inside the tank will rise, which will affect the degree of vacuum, this time can be put on the hose and water (tap water) connected to the outlet nozzle can be done. 6. When it is necessary to provide circulating water for the reaction device, the water inlet and outlet pipes are respectively connected to the water outlet of the circulating vacuum pump and the water inlet nozzle, and the circulating water switch is turned ON to circulate the water. Finally, note that when the instrument is used up, turn off the power and clean the instrument. (Editor: cloud sea)
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