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Chemical Jacketed Stirred Glass Reactor


The reaction vessel can be stirred in the inner layer of the Glass Reactor . The interlayer is circulated through the cold and heat sources. The glass reactor interlayer can provide high temperature reaction (the maximum temperature can reach 300°C). The glass reactor can also be used for low temperature reaction (the lowest temperature can be Achieve -80°C); The glass reactor can be evacuated for a negative pressure reaction. And its unique design makes the test safer and more convenient.
1. The operation and maintenance personnel of the double glass reactor should remove the hard objects such as watches and rings when operating or repairing, so as to avoid damage to the glass parts, especially the diamond ring can cause fatal damage to the glass fittings. hurt.
2. Strictly abide by the provisions on cooling, oil filling and other aspects of the product instruction manual, and do a good job of equipment maintenance and maintenance;
3, the electrical control instrument should be operated by a person, and set overload protection facilities as required.
4. When all valves are used, slowly rotate the valve stem to close the cover to achieve the sealing effect. It is not easy to use excessive force when closing, so as not to damage the sealing surface;
5. When using, operate and use strictly according to the working pressure and working temperature calibrated on the product nameplate to avoid danger.

How to perform maintenance work:

1, carefully check the instrument before use, whether the glass bottle is damaged, whether the interface is consistent, pay attention to gently.

2. Wipe the connectors with a soft cloth (use a napkin instead) and apply a little vacuum grease. (The vacuum grease must be covered after use to prevent lime sand from entering.)

3. The interfaces of single-layer glass reactors cannot be tightened too tightly, and they must be loosened and loosened periodically to prevent the connector from being seized due to long-term locking.

4, first open the power switch, and then let the machine run from slow to fast, stop the machine to stop the state, and then turn off the switch.

5, everywhere PTFE switch can not be excessively tightened, easy to damage the glass.

6. Each use must be done with a soft cloth to wipe all kinds of traces of oil left on the surface of the machine, stains, solvent left, keep it clean.

7. Loosen the PTFE switches after shutting down. Long-term static operation will deform the PTFE piston.

8. Regularly clean the sealing ring by removing the sealing ring and checking if there is dirt on the shaft. Clean it with a soft cloth, then apply a little vacuum grease, and reinstall it to keep the shaft and sealing ring smooth.

9, the electric part must not enter the water, is strictly prohibited damp.

10. It is necessary to purchase genuine accessories from the factory, and casual use of other accessories can cause fatal damage to the machine.

11. When making any repairs or inspections on the glass reactor, it is necessary to cut off the power supply and the water source.

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